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student council

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Student Council Representatives

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Student Council General Body meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at PM in Mayo B Do you have a topic you want addressed? Contact [email protected] to. Student Council is a year-long commitment, and offers the opportunity for these students to add extra community service hours throughout the year.

If your children or students are interested in joining Student Council, please contact the School office for more information.

What does a student council treasurer do?

MEMBERSHIP IN TASC. Since its organization inm ore than 1, secondary school student councils are members of the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC). Membership and involvement in the association provide students and advisors with opportunities to develop the skills necessary to run an effective student council at the local level.

The Student Council also has two Greater Boston Regional Student Advisory Council (GBRSAC) representatives who represent Weston High School at the state level.

Student Council’s Spring Fling was an amazing day of dunk tanking, moon bouncing, and learning about local community groups. Student Council is a group of students who comes up with ideas to make our school community better. The teachers and students at Jefferson choose Student Council members who they think will represent them best.

Tennessee Association of Student Councils

Each member of Student Council gets the opportunity to actively participate in school. The council is the only organization elected entirely by the student body, as such; the council plays an essential role in providing the student body with a communicative .

Student concil
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Tennessee Association of Student Councils