Socrates as eros

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Eros In Plato

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Socrates' Praise and Blame of Eros

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Plato on Friendship and Eros

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Socrates as “Eros”

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For Socrates, however, Eros has a darker side, since as the representation of desire, he is constantly longing and never completely satisfied. As such he cannot be a full god, since divinity is supposed to be eternal and self-sufficient.

Socrates as “Eros”

Nevertheless, Eros is vitally important in the human quest for happiness, since he is the intermediary. Socrates' daimon, eros, is paradoxically unique to Socrates but also an exemplum, suggesting the correct way to love, which is to benefit and improve, to act with beneficence rather than selfishness.

Ultimately, the divine sign equates with the divinely inspired lover. For Socrates, however, Eros has a darker side, since as the representation of desire, he is constantly longing and never completely satisfied.

As such he cannot be a full god, since divinity is supposed to be eternal and self-sufficient. Socrates claims to be under the patronage of, or devoted to, Eros and ta erotika: the wisdom, beauty, and other good things that are the objects of the passionate desire (eros) that is the sphere of this god or daimon.

Socrates’ second monologue, which is the first speech that Socrates delivers in the Phaedrus, is given in response to the begging of Phaedrus and was considered.

Plato on Friendship and Eros Socrates as eros
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