Project coordinator salary range

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Country Coordinator

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Average Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) Salary

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Sep 23,  · Average Construction Coordinator Salary. $51, Avg. Salary. Range $0 $78K; Salary: $37, - $76, as the construction coordinator must ensure that a project stays on budget. Step 2: Determine Pay Grades o There are no fixed rules for every organization.

o Decide how many grades you will have.

Average Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) Salary

Number of pay grades varies in response to: o The size of the organization. o The vertical distance between the highest and lowest level job. o How finely the organization defines jobs and differentiates between them (i.e. levels). The average salary for Project Coordinator jobs is £29, In Augustthe average salary for Project Coordinator jobs rose by £1, (7%).

Read on to find out how much Project Coordinator jobs pay across various UK locations and industries.

Project Coordinator Salaries in the United States

The average salary for Project Coordinator jobs is $47,*. Top 10 Related Jobs and Salaries.

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Marketing Coordinator. $38, Salary Info. Program Coordinator. $46, Salary Info. Must have at least 2 years' of experience as a construction project coordinator, project engineer, or project manager.

Project Manager/Coordinator. Nov 13,  · The average salary for a Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) is $48, Visit PayScale to research project coordinator, (unknown type / general.

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Project coordinator salary range
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