Principle of develoment

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Agile software development

The basic principles of growth and development are physical development, social development and cognitive development. Growth and development in children is nearly always a sequential process. However, negative experiences, such as child abuse or witnessing a traumatic event, can delay the growth and development process.

Feb 14,  · Following is a list of empirically based principles of child development and learning that inform and guide decisions about developmentally appropriate practice. 1. Domains of children's development -- physical, social, emotional, and cognitive -- are closely rela-ted.

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10 Key Principles of Agile Software Development

The Digital Principles were created in a community-driven effort, the result of many lessons learned through the use of technology in development projects. They are part of an ongoing effort among development practitioners to share knowledge and support continuous learning.

Agile Development is a different way of managing software development projects.

The Three Principles of Sustainable Development

The key principles, and how Agile Development fundamentally differs from a more traditional Waterfall approach to software development, are as follows.

Principle of develoment
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