Peptide systhesis

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Automated solid-phase peptide synthesis to obtain therapeutic peptides

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Modified Synthetic Peptides The Peptide Synthesis Laboratory routinely performs the following amino acid modifications: Biotinylation: either N- or C-terminus.

N-terminal biotinylation is the preferred method because the yields are dramatically higher and the cost for reagents is much lower. SPPS (solid-phase peptide synthesis) is a standard method for obtaining peptides.

The peptide, linked by its C-terminal amino acid to a carrier resin, an inert, insoluble but swellable polymer, is assembled in the C→ N direction. Mission. The mission of the Peptide Synthesis Core is to provide custom peptide synthesis, purification and mass spectrometry-based characterization services and technical support for members of the Simpson Querrey Institute (SQI), other Northwestern University researchers, and members of the Chicago and regional research community.

Guaranteed TFA Removal. To supplement our peptide synthesis service, Bio Basic offers a guaranteed TFA removal service (of. 1% TFA content) for peptides if required.

Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) is typically used in peptide synthesis during the process of cleaving peptides from their respective resin, as well as an ion pairing agent in HPLC purifications. CASLO guarantee the quality and specifications of peptides, and peptides are delivered with 3 months money back guarantee.

Peptides are delivered with a detailed product certificate containing all analytical data, physical chemistry parameters, solubility, HPLC and mass spectrometry results.

Whether it is a small pilot batch peptide synthesis, or a full-scale commercial launch, outsourcing with CreativePep for your peptides or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) will enable you to grow your business without having to add staff, equipment and costly manufacturing infrastructure.

Peptide systhesis
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