Ol higue

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The ole higue is very miserly, and the last way to catch the ole higue is to spill rice grains on the floor in front of the front door to the house. An ole higue who tries to wear this skin will be burned by the pepper.

The ole higue is very miserly, and the last way to catch the ole higue is to spill rice grains on the floor in front of the front door to the house. The soucouyant or soucriant in Dominica, St. Lucian, Trinidadian, Guadeloupean folklore (also known as Loogaroo (also Lougarou) in Haiti, Louisiana, Grenada and elsewhere in the Caribbean or Ole-Higue (also Ole Haig) in Guyana and Jamaica or Asema in Suriname), in The Bahamas it is known as abrasiverock.com is a kind of blood-sucking hag.

Ol'Higue's story facilitates the mothers' explanation for the unexplained (sick or dead baby) - while the story of Le Brun and what has been added by the women - facilitates gossip and. In this poem, the Ol’ Higue / soucouyant tells of her frustration with her lifestyle. She does not like the fact that she sometimes has to parade around, in the form of a fireball, without her skin at night.

You think I like this stupidness – gallivanting all night without skin, burning myself out like cane fire to frighten the foolish? And for what? A few drops of baby blood?

You think I wouldn’t rather take my blood seasoned in fat black-pudding, like everyone else? And don’t even talk ‘bout the pain of salt and having to bend these old bones down to count a thousand grains of rice!

Ol higue
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