Nike sociocultural

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Nike Inc. PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations

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socio-cultural environment

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Connect with us online. Nike Inc. written report Nike is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services.

Sample Response Nike Segmentation and Targeting Nike is unique in the fact that they have a very general targeted demographic segment –their stated target market is “all athletes”.

However, this does not mean Nike does not use market segmenting to more precisely define various market segments. When a contract factory wishes to do business with Nike or one its many subsidiaries, it is critical that the owners and/or managers in the supply chain understand the cultural differences across the globe.

This case discusses on the marketing strategies adopted by Nike in India. Nike: Marketing Strategies sociocultural influences will also be key in thedevelopment and implementation of NIKEs international marketing abrasiverock.comr key issue influencing NIKEs marketing strategy will be that of introduction of new level of.

SOCIO-CULTURAL It is important for Nike to understand the sociocultural environment which is made up of forces that affect society’s basic values.

These are the various environmental factors related to “NIKE”. and many more features to reach its abrasiverock.comility of attaching springs to .

Nike sociocultural
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