Narendra modi election campaing analysi

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Bharatiya Janata Party campaign for Indian general election, 2014

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Analysis: why Gujarat voted the way it did

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With estimated downloads of over 10 million already, the Narendra Modi app’s mission is two-fold — mobilize and integrate some million BJP members across the party’s operations and use the app to deliver targeted messaging to existing and potential voters.

The world’s premier resource for stock footage discovery. Access to millions of video clips from the world’s great stock video, archival footage and news footage libraries. Search over 30 footage collections. View stock video clips. Narendra Damodardas Modi, popularly known as Narendra Modi is the current Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat and the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate for the general elections.

He was selected by L.K Advani, the leader of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) in to give a direction to the election campaign in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

In MarchNarendra Modi was appointed to the BJP Parliamentary Board, the party's highest decision-making body, and was chosen to be chairman of the party's Central Election Campaign Committee. [3] [4] On 10 JuneModi was selected to head the poll campaign for the elections at the national level executive meeting of BJP in Goa.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses an election campaign rally ahead of the Karnataka state assembly elections, in Bengaluru.(REUTERS FILE).

Election - Astro Analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, belonged to a OBC family from Gujarat.

He can be classified as a person who has risen from a ‘nobody’, to occupy the most influential and responsible chair of the world’s largest democratic country.

Narendra modi election campaing analysi
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The 7 C's Of Narendra Modi's Political Success