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Michael Patrick MacDonald

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It’s a tale of drugs, gangsters, mob hits, and the enormous toll poverty exacts from the human spirit. It’s also a tale of resiliency, courage, and the power of family and community. MacDonald’s tale may read like fiction, but it played out on the streets of. Michael Patrick MacDonald was in third grade when the riots broke out.

He lived nearby with his family in a hellhole of a housing project called Old Colony. Michael and his pint-sized pals were drawn to the riot zone as to a carnival, and more than once seem in danger of being trampled by police horses or run down by speeding motorcycles. Michael Patrick MacDonald was born in to Helen MacDonald, a divorcee already raising seven other children in Dorchester’s dismal Columbia Point public-housing project.

After a relatively brief sojourn with Helen’s parents in Jamaica Plain, the MacDonald brood relocated in to Old Colony. Book Michael Patrick MacDonald to speak at your next event. Contact APB Speakers for bio, videos, topics, and to inquire about speaking fees and availability.

Michael Patrick MacDonald is a contributing editor at the Schuster Institute of Investigative Journalism, Brandeis University. Mr. MICHAEL PATRICK MacDONALD (Author, "All Souls"): It's a story of growing up in south Boston in the Old Colony Housing Project. It's my family's story growing up in a neighborhood where there were three large housing projects, mostly populated by Irish-American families, a lot of single-parent, female-headed households.

Michael patrick macdonald
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