Making lagundi syrup out of lagundi

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The Effect of Boiled Lagundi Leaves to the Cough

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An oil delectable with the juice is applied to the old and to scrofulous sores. Hypothesis: 1. We can produce lagundi syrup out of lagundi leaves, brown sugar, and vinegar.

2. The lagundi syrup is safe to drink 3. Lagundi leaves are the best the best preservative for lagundi syrup. Significance of the study: The significance of the study that we can produce lagundi syrup without wasting much time and money. We can produce carbocisteine lagundi syrup out of lagundi leaves, brown sugar, and vinegar.

3. Lagundi is safe for use for children and. 4 out of 5 stars 2. LAGUNDI ALL NATURAL HERBAL TEA 30 Tea Bags by Namica. by Namica.

Have cough? Go natural with lagundi

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Ascof Lagundi Cough Medicine I only tried Ascof Lagundi Cough Medicine when a couple of free samples were given at our workplace.

I had about 3 samples of this taken home about 3 months ago. What is Cough? Coughing is known to be a process that helps in getting rid of the harmful substances from the respiratory tract. Although in most cases coughing is good for the body, it becomes uncomfortable when it is persistent and severe.

What is Lagundi? Making lagundi syrup out of lagundi
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