High albedo heat reflective paint

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Cool Roof Paint

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Cool Roofs Might Be Enough to Save Cities from Climate Overheating

Individual solar cell devices can be. cool roof coating, heat reflective paint, high albedo paint, summer cool paint, thermal insulation, heat resistant paint all over India. 12 misconceptions in traditional color theory • "Color" is either in light or in pigments.

• All color is created by the mixture of three "primary" colors. • The three primary colors of paint are red, yellow and blue. • You cannot mix a primary red, yellow or blue using any other colors. • Saturated hue is the defining or "pure" color attribute. Welcome to coolroof® Heat Reflective Paint / High Albedo Paint / High SRI Paint COOLROOF® is a Heat Reflective Paint with SRI value oftested as per ASTM/LEEDS standards for green buildings.

COOLROOF® is a high SRI and high Albedo coating which can be applied on all types of roofs. Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

COOLROOF ® Heat Reflective Paint has been designed to give relief from roof heat as it is a high albedo paint having high SRI value which makes it most suitable for roof insulation.

This high SRI paint acts as heat reducing paint which can be applied as cool roof coating having single objective of roof insulation. Being a roof cooling and .

High albedo heat reflective paint
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