Forward sloping handwriting analysis

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What is the Meaning of Slanted Handwriting?

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Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting

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Handwriting slant reveals why some people show no emotion

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Personally, I've never seen this, or if I have, I did not attribute it to fatigue, but I have read it so I suppose it's something to keep in mind. The meaning of slanted handwriting.

A little clarification before we begin to speak about measures. A basic concept to understand graphology and to keep in mind: the areas of handwriting. Letters rest on a line or baseline. In each letter and each word, we find a superior area or upper extension, a middle area and an inferior area or lower extension.

If the handwriting leans backward, the more the tendency towards introversion. The forward sloping writer is the extrovert who wants to make an impression on people and things. The backward-sloping writer is the introvert who is concerned with the inner world of thoughts and feelings and visions.

Many celebrities have large handwriting. It may suggest that you are outgoing and like the limelight. Small: You are focused and can concentrate easily. You tend to be introspective and shy. Average: You are well-adjusted and adaptable. Of all the different methods out there for finding key personality traits, graphology, the analysis of handwriting, seems to make some sense.

Right Slant (///): People who write with a forward slant, such as the example pictured below, follow their hearts and are usually more empathetic and caring than most.

The Forward Slant is the sign of sentiment which roams freely in search of an object on which to lavish its affection, its languid affectivity, in order to associate its own personality with that of another; it is the sign of the art of attracting, of laying snares, of the "ability of expression that hits the mark", of the "ease of access to important people in order to .

Forward sloping handwriting analysis
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