Economic analysis of crop diversification under

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Fall economic statement sets target of 50 per cent export growth by 2025

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Economic Factors Affecting Diversified Farming Systems

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and Ayyer (). According to Bhatia crop diversification means the land occupying for variety of crops, which occupy at least one percent to gross cropped area.

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The study of crop diversification is essential to understand the competition of crops in any region. In order to identify the crop diversification. We find that crop diversification has a positive and significant effect on long-term child nutritional status via higher dietary diversity, in particular for very young children and children living in households with limited market access.

matching them with crop requirements, physical planning of area, production analysis for correct input use, It would also enhance economic returns to the information on the possible strategies for crop diversification under minor irrigation schemes.

The Gibbs-Martin Index of Diversification () is a useful Aj A j j alternative index for measuring the extent of diversification in cropping pattern in an A ij = Gross cropped area under ith crop in area and the mathematical formula for jth block, calculating index is given by: A j = Gross cropped area in jth block.

This paper on agricultural growth through crop diversification is the principal output under the subproject on diversification of agriculture as a source of sustained growth in production.

An Analysis of Crop Diversification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

alternatives, hedging, crop insurance, diversification, revenue insurance, etc.), then the probability distribution of returns under the various alternatives will be determined.

Financing and Hog Contracting.

Economic analysis of crop diversification under
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