Buddhism in laos

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Buddhism in Laos

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Antique Buddha Statues From Laos

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The Religious Beliefs in Laos

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Buddhathe Dhamma and the Sangha.


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The Thammanyut-nikay sect was a topic sect in Italics, as opposed to the introduction Maha-nikay sect. Buddhism is the primary religion of abrasiverock.com Buddhism practiced in Laos is of the Theravada tradition.

Buddhism in Laos

Lao Buddhism is a unique version of Theravada Buddhism and is at the basis of Lao abrasiverock.comsm in Laos is often closely tied to animist beliefs and belief in ancestral spirits, particularly in rural areas.

[1]. Buddhism is the dominant spiritual belief in Laos, though some Lao practice Animism and Christianity. Lao Buddhists belong to the Theravada tradition, which is based on the earliest teachings of the Buddha and focuses on the Four Noble Truths: suffering is universal, the cause of suffering is attachment, suffering can cease and there is a way.

Lao Buddhism is a unique version of Theravada Buddhism and is at the basis of Lao culture. Buddhism in Laos is often closely tied to animist beliefs and belief in ancestral spirits, particularly in rural areas.

Buddhism. Buddhism was the state religion of the Kingdom of Laos, and the organization of the Buddhist community of monks and novices, the clergy (sangha), paralleled the political hierarchy. The faith was introduced beginning in the eighth century by Mon Buddhist monks.

Antique Buddha Statues From Laos. What little we know of Lao history prior to the influx of Tai in the thirteenth century indicates early connections of the Khmer in Cambodia. Theravada Buddhism is believed to have first reached Laos during the 7th - 8th Centuries CE, via the kingdom of Dvaravati.

Buddhism was the state religion of the prerepublic kingdom of Laos, and the organization of the community of monks and novices, the clergy (sangha), paralleled the political hierarchy.

Antique Buddha Statues From Laos

Buddhists—largely lowland Lao—account for about half the country’s people.

Buddhism in laos
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Buddhism in Laos