Animal liberation is an environmental ethic by dale jamieson

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Animal Studies Bibliography. Jamieson, Dale. Animal Liberation is an Environmental Ethic. Environmental Values 7: Although many activists consider themselves both environmentalists and animal liberationists, there has been for some time among philosophers a debate about the extent to which the two ethics can be reconciled, most notably in Callicott's essay rejecting animal.

FORTHCOMING IN ENVIRONMENTAL VALUES. ANIMAL LIBERATION IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL ETHIC. Dale Jamieson Carleton College and University of Colorado, Boulder November In an influential essay published inJ.

Baird Callicott argued that animal liberation and environmental ethics are distinct and inconsistent perspectives. I begin by briefly tracing the history of the split between environmental ethics and animal liberation, go on to sketch a theory of value that I think is implicit in animal liberation, and explain how this theory is consistent with strong environmental commitments.

Animal Liberation is Not an Environmental Ethic: A Response to Dale Jamieson.

Peter Singer

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin What rational justification is there for conceiving of all living things as possessing inherent worth? In Respect for Nature, Paul Taylor draws on biology, moral philosophy, and environmental science to defend a biocentric environmental ethic in which all life has abrasiverock.comt making claims for the moral rights of plants and animals, he offers a reasoned alternative to the prevailing.

Animal Studies Bibliography

TY - JOUR. T1 - Animal liberation is an environmental ethic. AU - Jamieson,Dale. PY - /2. Y1 - /2. N2 - I begin by briefly tracing the history of the split between environmental ethics and animal liberation, go on to sketch a theory of value that I think is implicit in animal liberation, and explain how this theory is consistent with strong environmental commitments.

Animal liberation is an environmental ethic by dale jamieson
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